Buda Bed Cinema,only one in Hungaria.

The „Buda Bed Cinema” lifts the cinematic experience to a whole new level. Make yourself comfortable on one of the cosy, double bed sized sofas, relax and enjoy the movie. Feel free to recline and occupy a whole sofa to yourself, share it with your partner, friends or little family. The modern screening technique enables you to view older and newer classics alike in the best quality, with sound and picture clarity that enhances shivers and quivers as well as delight and laughter. Our varied program is catered to different audiences and interests: bring the kids for family matinees and come back for the thrills of action, drama and horror in the evening and at night. You can follow our program and offers on facebook too!

Free parking for the cinema visitors!

Information, ticket order: 

Weekday: 9:00 - 22:00 

Weekend: 30 minutes before the start of the first movie and the beginning of the last movie

Direct online ticket buying under the cinema program by clicking on the chosen film title.

Ticket price: 4444Ft
Student price : 3333Ft
On Wednesday : 3333Ft
One ticket is valid for usage of one bed, for two adults or two adults plus two children under 10 years.

Online reservation - without purchasing the ticket - is valid for 3 days.

The purchase or the reservation of a movie ticket means that the visitor accepts the following policy.


Free parking for the cinema visitors!!

The purchased movie ticket provides entry for two adults or two adults and up to two children less than ten years, and refers to the use of a bed, defined on the ticket.

The visitors should take a seat according to the row and seat number indicated on the ticket, and keep the receipt and the ticket until the end of the performance.

The Bed Cinema keeps the right to change the program.

The program changes will be published no later than the beginning of the show in question.

The pre-booked but not taken tickets are deleted from the system of the Bed Cinema 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

The pre-booked tickets cannot be sold out of turn.

After leaving the cash desk, we cannot accept complaints of tickets, which are purchased but not for the right time, date or movie, or of a received or paid amount of money.

The visitors take responsibility for their children accompanied, for the timely information of the children about the policy, and for the compliance with this policy.

All the visitor have to purchase a ticket to the Buda Bed Cinema, regardless of age, occupation or any other factors (small children, journalist, police man etc.).

It is prohibited to use the beds wearing shoes. The shoes must be kept in the shoe storage compartment under the bed.

It is prohibited to take food in the area of the Bed Cinema, and eat any food in the screening room.

It is not allowed staying in the area of the Buda Bed Cinema, without having a valid ticket.

To go inside the screening room it is only allowed with valid ticket, earliest 10 minutes before the performance.

During the performance in the Buda Bed Cinema it is prohibited to make phone calls, to be loud, to disturb the other guests in any way.

The staff of the Buda Bed Cinema has the right to remove all the visitors disturbing any other guest in any way (e.g.: use mobile phone during the performance). In this case the Cinema is not required to reimburse the cost of the ticket.

The Buda Bed Cinema files a complaint to the police against each visitor who damages or steals anything that is owned by the Cinema, regardless of the value of the damage, or does not have a valid ticket.

In the Bed Cinema is strictly prohibited to use any video or audio recording device (camera, telephone, dictaphone etc.).

All the visitors who violate the laws in force in Hungary, that are subject to copyright, will be removed from the area of the Cinema, and police reports will be made against them by the Bed Cinema.

The Buda Bed Cinema’s screening room can be entered with only one package per person, which package’s size can be maximum 25cm x 25cm x 40cm. Luggage storage in the cinema is not available. The packages must be positioned so that the aisles are kept clear.

Animals are not allowed in the area of the Bed Cinema.

The whole territory of the Bed Cinema belongs to the „C” fire hazard class, therefore, smoking and the use of open flame are strictly prohibited in all areas.

The Buda Bed Cinema does not take the responsibility for any visitors damage or harm which is caused by another visitor.

The Buda Bed Cinema does not take the responsibility for any valuables what are brought in the territory of the cinema.

In case of program change, technical or any other problems, the Buda Bed Cinema redeem the ticket on the day of the performance, if the visitor brings the receipt or the bill and the ticket.

The Buda Bed Cinema does not take the responsibility for the delay or the deletion of the projection, or for any other technical problems. The costs that arise from these, can not be recovered by the Cinema.

In case of interruption or deletion of the projection (blackout, bomb alert, various natural disasters, vis maior etc.) the Buda Bed Cinema tries to inform the visitors about the possibilities. If the Cinema does not give out information about other, the ticket is returnable for 90 days after the performance, the Cinema issues a replacement ticket.
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